I would like to congratulate my good friend and colleague Brahm Elkin on the legacy he is building for the M&A, corporate finance, and financial community in Canada. Between the M&A Club and the FFPME events, Brahm has developed a vital tool for professionals and the business community as a whole that will continue to grow and prosper with every passing year. I can personally say that I am a proud sponsor of the FFPME which has been very fruitful for my M&A practice. Keep up the hard work Brahm!

Ian Wooden, President, IJW Management Inc.

At our August, 2012, meeting in the West Island, I mentioned that one of my clients was looking to refinance a building worth $1.1M. Several members expressed that they had potential homes for the deal. Within 2 weeks and after some follow-up calls, we set up a meeting with an interested lender. We have since received an offer, closed a third of the deal and should close the remainder in 30 days. Thanks to Michael Pesner for an excellent introduction.

Andy Saharov, Galsa Capital & Consulting Inc.

Elkin Group closed a $1.1m re financing with member Véronik Ménard with a client referred by member Stan Mazoff. Elkin has closed a transaction for $7m for a sell side client, with Francois Lapointe, RCGT Sherbrooke (buy side) RCGT are members. Elkin closed a deal for a client referred by Hélène Deschamps-Marquis member and Lawyer at Blakes. Elkin closed this deal with a buyer client of Louis Blain, CA, South Shore Member. Elkin has received and given many referrals to Club members.

Novacap closed a $50m Purchase with a CPA/CA member firm in Dec. 2013

Brahm A. Elkin, President, Groupe Conseil Elkin Inc.

Le Club Fusion et Acquisition a eu un impact déterminant sur l’évolution de IRR. En effet, le Club a directement contribué à la réalisation d’un financement de $3M, qui a été augmenté après un an à $10M, mais également à investissement de $6M fait en collaboration avec un membre du Club Fusion et Acquisition, sans parler d’un dossier référé à un membre du Club, qui a résulté en un investissement de $4M. Je vous recommande Brahm qui saura vous mettre en contact avec la bonne personne et tiens à le remercier d’avoir fondé le Club, un catalyseur pour toutes personnes impliquées dans le transactionnel ou le financement et je vous recommande fortement d’y participer, si ce n’est pas déjà fait.
IRR Conseil Fr

Richard Morrison, CPA, CA, CFA
Financement et Investissement ▪ IRR Conseil.

The M&A Club has been a great tool for us at IJW Management Inc. At one of the club meetings, we presented one of our deals and another advisor in the room had the perfect acquirer. Within two weeks, we had an LOI and 3 months later, that deal closed. The club is a proven tool that helps us close our deals faster!

Ian Wooden, President, IJW Management Inc.

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